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Tanya, from Happy Walk Happy Dog,is very good with dogs.  I have used her twice, once in the summer when I traveled to Israel for about two weeks, and once recently for 1 day.  On both occasions, my dog was taken care of more than I hoped for.  She is a 12 year old long haired Chihuahua who enjoys being held.  I didn’t know if she was going to get enough attention from a dog sitter while I was gone, but when I arrived home, she was very happy.  If she was mistreated and lonely, she would never been so happy and full of energy.  Tanya was very professional.  She was able to take in the mail, turn on the stereo for my dog, who loves to listen to music.  And offered to take out the trash on trash day.


In summary, her prices are reasonable for the services she has to offer.  I would recommend her to anyone.



Apple & KoKo


I was concerned when I found out that I needed someone to walk my dogs, Apple and KoKo, that I would be able to find the right person. The reason for this is that KoKo is agressvie towards other dogs while on a walk and is very hard to handle. I decided to search the internet for someone and saw Tanya Stroman’s site. I called her even though I thought it might take the strength of a man to do the job comfortably. After meeting Tanya, I decided to give it a try. She was right on time for their first walk. They were gone for an hour and I began to get somewhat concerned that something might have happened. But right on the hour, she was back with 2 very happy, very tired dogs. She continued to come for the week, always on time and after each walk, which lasted an hour, would tell me how far they had gone and what adventures they had. I would not hesitate to use Tanya again and plan to do so soon. Apple and Koko adore her!

Jennifer Hager

Bama & Ty


We can’t express how lucky we feel to have found Tonya when we moved to the area. Our family consists of two dogs that are sometimes mistaken for horses and Tonya has watched them without trouble from Day 1. On more than one occasion my own air-headedness has caused Tonya to do extra work and she has always been willing to help without hesitation. One incidence even involved chickens and she definitley wasn’t planning on dealing with anything with wings! It takes a special kind of person to deal with us and Tonya definitely fits the bill!



Alex Herzlin PT, DPT




Tanya is by far the best dog walker we have ever used.  DeeJay instantly fell in love with her.  She has gone above and beyond all of our expectations:


1) Giving DeeJay several longer walks “just to bond”;

2) Texting pictures to us practically every day while we are at work (which makes our day brighter)

3) Leaving daily notes about the walk.

Anna & Mark




Thank You much for your help. It was nice coming home to a happy Bogey. We truly appreciate the text messages with photos and reading your hand-written updates when we got home. You are hands down the best dogwalker in Lawrenceville. We will definitely call you next time we need your service.


Warren A.



If other dog walkers scare you because of lack of attention, knowledge or simply they don’t seem to care enough, this walker is the right person for you. She puts your dogs needs on high priority as if it were her own child.

Alison McP