Services and Fees

Complimentary Full Package Offered to our Clients Included with all Services

We offer walk, lots of playtime and exercise, feeding, poop scoop, litter box change, cuddling, pampering, lots of love!Away from Home’ care services as needed Administration of Medication, Injections and/or Subcutaneous  Shot/Fluids

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                                            Dog Walking,Pet Sitting Pricing for Services

All Dogs are welcomed. Very Reasonable rates. Dogs will be walked  and cared for in rain or shine. Exceptions  for long walks: Thunderstorms/Bad weather. 

Any Special Needs are Flexible. Will need to talk about during a consultation session.


Meet & Greet Consultation -Our initial consultation is free for first time customers, or customers who move to a different location who utilizes our services. The Consultation is a 30 -45 minute Meet & Greet that includes meeting your new professional pet sitter and meeting with your pet(s)
We will gather your pet(s) information, routine, illnesses, needs and expectations.
If a Meet & Greet is done , and our services aren’t scheduled for use, the Fee is $25.

We will need you to have 2 sets of working keys ready for us at the Initial Consultation. One set is for your primary pet care provider and one set is for the office, in case we need to send a back up sitter or in the event you are locked out.

Regular pet sitter/customer consultations are $25.00.
After initial consultation, any needed follow-up consultations are $15.00

                                                    Dog Walking Services & Rates

Dog Walking Visits

Introducing : Mid-Day Walks 11 AM -2 PM
Are you working during the day and won’t be home before 5 PM? Mid- Day walks are wonderful for dogs. Hire us to come give your pet a daily release of pent up energy. Mid-Day Walks can also save you money , the more days you schedule weekly, the more you save. These prices are for Monthly Regular Clients.

1- 2 visits per week: $20 per visit
3-4 visits per week : $19 per visit
5 visits per week : $18 per visit
$3 for each additional pet

NoN Mid-Day Dog Walking Or NoN-Regulars

30 minute Dog Walking visits start at $21 for the first pet and $3 per additional pet

1 hour Dog Walking visits start at $29 for the first pet and $3 per additional pet

30 minute Dog Run visits start at $25 for the first pet and $3 per additional pet

1 hour Dog Run visit start at $33 for the first pet and $3 per additional pet

10-15 minute Drop In visits (short walk or turn out) start at $15 for the first pet and $3 per additional pet.

Pet Sitting Services & Rates

Dog Pet Sit
Dog-sitting services include walking, clean up during walks or in yards, feeding and watering, play time and cuddle time and medication administration if needed. Rates start at $25 per dog. There will be a $3 charge for each additional dog.

Puppy Pet Sit
Puppies are a lot of work. Let us help you crate train, potty train, and command train them while you are at work for 8-10 hours a day. We have raised puppies and not only are experienced, but can give you some great suggestions as well to help you make a smooth transition as a new pet mom or dad! Rates start at$30 per dog. There will be a $5 charge for each additional puppy.

Cat Pet Sit
Cat-sitting services include feeding and watering, litter box maintenance, pet play and cuddle time and medication administration if needed. The rate starts at $25. $3 per additional cat

Dog & Cat Pet Sit
We also provide pet-sitting services to those who have both a dog and a cat. The rates start at $30 to have both pets. We charge $3 for each additional pet that needs services.

Exotic Animal Pet Sit
Exotic animals include hamsters, rabbits, ferrets, birds and pot-bellied pigs.(Yes, that’s right, pot-bellied pigs). Services include feeding and watering, litter box maintenance, pet play and cuddle time and medication administration if needed. Rates are $19.

Pet Taxi

Do not have enough time to drive your pet to and from the vet or groomer? Let HWHD do it for you! This service is available to existing clients only. $25 per hour 

This includes errands beyond what will be included in your usual service.  Such as grocery shopping. $25 per hour
 This service is available to existing clients only. 

Key Pickup or Drop Off
We prefer to have two copies of your key on file in our safe at all times to better service you and your pets, but if you prefer for us to come and pick up the key and then drop it off (other than the initial free consultation), a fee applies to cover our gas and our time.

Key Pick Up or Drop Off begins at $15

Emergency Lock Out Service

If you find you have locked yourself out of your home, but don’t want to pay the big bucks to have a locksmith let you in, your Happy Walk Happy Dog will make the trip and let you in (as long as we have your key on file in our safe).
Emergency Lock Out Service starts at $25

Holiday Rates
An additional $10 per visit for the following holidays:  Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day , New Years Eve & New Years Day.

Billing and payment info

Pet store trip, pet taxi, pet sitting

Unless other arrangements have been made, payment is expected in full before the visit.  Any extra charges that accrue during the visit will be billed at the end of the visit and are expected to be paid within 2 weeks.

Potty breaks, dog walks, dog park trips, 

 Invoices will be sent for the total and total is due during the 1st visit. Failure to make a payment may result in an interruption of services.

                                                                   Payment methods

               Payment may be made by cash, credit card, debit card  or by paypal

* LMF (Last Minute Fee) – For Reservations made less than 48 hours before 1st appointment – $20.00