image  I was Born and Raised in Atlanta Ga , I have had successful careers in the pharmaceutical industry and financial industry. one of my greatest passions in life are animals more specifically dogs.  I have a passionate desire to care for every animal as if my own. its because of my nature , people do trust their pets in my care.


I am physically active and know the importance of quality of life for pets. if we want to them to maintain a happy quality of life , one of the ways is making sure not only are they well loved but have sufficient exercise.


I am the owner of 3 dogs and 2 cats. I make sure my dogs get in either a light run or walk of a minimum 3 miles a day. not only does our bond grow stronger, but they appreciate life and nature more. part of my purpose in life is my relationship with animals , their protection and safety. it is why i volunteer with animal organizations and foster animals when need be.


There are many pet owners in my neighborhood that are busy and at the same time may feel guilty if their pet is sitting home bored.  I want to help relieve you of the guilt by taking on the responisibility for you. I am excited being a part of a growing business in dog walking in Lawrencevile.


My rates are reasonable and my schedule is flexible..


My favorite past times are yoga, pilates, and acting, more specifically community theatre.

Look forward to doing business with you!